real women sizes

Every woman has her own story: it should not be reduced to a label.

Especially not to a single letter, or number, hanging from the back of a blouse. Too often women receive the message that those letters and numbers should dictate how they should feel about their bodies and, ultimately, themselves. We do not want you to listen to that message. In our designs we seek shapes that can adapt to your body; because it should never be the other way around! That is why lesorelle decided to leave the old standard sizing charts aside, as they only offer a narrow range of proportions, in which hardly any woman can recognize herself.

But then how does lesorelle’s sizing work? It’s easy: we based our sizes on the beautiful women who participate in our mission. You will not find a number, or a letter, but names; those are the real names of the real women of lesorelle. Of course you do not have to guess: just verify if you are more a Laura or a Costanza using our Sizing Chart Tool.

Since here at lesorelle we all know how disappointing is to get a dress that does fit, but looks just not right, we went further than measuring the usual circumferences: notice how we included height and upper body/lower body proportion in our sizes. This is some extra work, sure, but we put gladly our effort to guarantee every single one of our customers the choice of their own perfect fit.