inspired by dancers

lesorelle is born out of two sisters’ passion for dancing and all things vintage.

We have been on one long journey to discover the perfect fit, which we often found only in homemade clothing fished out of second-hand stores. Two dances, each with their own style and personality, inspire us. The polished, refined, passion of tango argentino, with its close embraces and swift moves, meets the playful spins and feisty jumps of swing to create designs that offer freedom of movement without sacrificing our desire for style.
From the streets of downtown Berlin to ballrooms around the globe, we believe that dressing up should be a pleasure we can give ourselves every day. We believe that clothes born out of care and craftsmanship will be loved throughout the years. We distance ourselves from the unattainable standards of fast fashion, and we seek shapes and materials that respond to our need for comfort and allure while we keep an eye for sustainability. lesorelle wants to bring the ever so special atmosphere of social dancing into your daily life.

lesorelle offers two main lines: curated is a lovingly curated collection of restored and upcycled vintage gems, to honor our roots of thrift store scavengers. Each piece is unique, carefully selected to satisfy the most original taste. capsule is our homemade collection; we create clothing that can be worn with the same ease to dance the night away or on the morning commute and in all other occasions in between.

Let every moment feel like dancing with lesorelle.

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