Ethical fashion for us

Ethical fashion has become big since its humble beginnings: and we couldn’t wait to be a part of this change. But ethical is not just a stamp of approval some authority puts on products. Ethical fashion is an ongoing practice. From sourcing materials, to how one organizes the production, to the sales, we all need to work towards a concept of fashion who uplifts the women wearing it, makes the ones producing it happy, and is light on the resources of the earth.
For lesorelle, ethical means different practices. One of them is surely giving second-hand treasures a new life, keeping wonderful dresses from a sad end in a landfill. Another is the ethical sourcing of our materials. But we also want to be ethical with our creativity, designing our capsule with one basic idea in our minds: every piece should be worn in many occasions, over and over again, for a long time. Imagine a skirt you wear for your first adventure in social dancing, and then for that important presentation in the office, and then maybe to a date. We design thinking of that skirt, or the lucky top you put on year after year when you want to impress, we design thinking of a dress that makes it easy for you to feel good about yourself, no matter when and where you wear it.
And in order to keep our footprint light, we produce exclusively on demand. That will also mean we sell gently; we show you what we can do for you, and then you decide. No pressure, no aggressive sales to empty an over-stocked warehouse. Because it’s our intention to be ethical towards our customers too.

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